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  1. "didnt get any cool rarities"...Bliss and Sign O the Times were played twice and once each respectively in the US and Canada, which were the LA shows you went to. (you also got Save Me which was rarely played in the states). The only other rare songs played were Dead Star in Toronto and NYC and B&H in Salt Lake. You made out just as good as any other part of the country.


    and on the TR tour Bliss was only played in LA (fairly positive), along with NSC and RBS. so I don't see where you're "West Coast gets shafted" complaining is coming from


    Bliss wasn't played in Canada.... it was played in Sunrise, LA, and San Diego. Sign O the Times was only played once at an arena... that was LA. S


    Saying "you also got Save Me" isn't much of a consolation... because well.. it's Save Me.:vomit:


    Don't forget Micro Cuts in Montreal in addition to the other songs, and Fury in Pittsburgh, and the various Agitated's that got thrown in too.



    and on TR tour, Columbus got RBS (as well as 6 totals US shows that leg of the tour)

  2. Anyone with the DVD (not BluRay) notice the skip in the middle of Madness? I thought I just got a bad disc, but exchanged it for a new one at Best Buy and it skips in the same exact spot. This doesn't happen on the BluRay version I have, but I bought DVD because my car plays DVD 5.1 ...


    If they sent a batch that is defective, that not only sucks for us, but will suck for sales as well... for example, I am returning mine tomorrow for a full refund.


    I tend to skip Madness, so this is not a problem with my DVD.

  3. Finally had time to watch this today. It really looks like Stockholm Syndrome is from more than one gig. Especially the bit where Matt is shouting nonsense at he camera cause the beat seems to change but it could have been when Chris took over on the drums. And Matt's hair looks different in a few shots compared to the main ones. Might just be the angles though. Still an epic performance!


    I've been saying this for a while. Even if you ignore the in pyramid stuff, there's shots where you can clearly tell it's in a different arena. A friend of mine was seen in the Liquid State in Dallas video, and after some investigating, she realized that the part she was in was actually from Manchester.

  4. I thought they didn't use the roulette before Unnatural Selection.


    Its quite remarkable they said "Yes" for Futurism and then forgot about it... Matt has said he has a bad memory but that's quite a stretch. Though who knows - they're doing 2 in Melbourne, so maybe one of those will have it.


    Cath ran into Matt at the airport. She showed him her tattoo on her wrist that she got to commemorate when they played Fury for her, and HE even asked her " if we play Futurism in Adelaide tomorrow night, will she get that tattooed on the other wrist? "


    Troll on Bellamy. Troll on.

  5. but the US arena tour/uk stadium tour had different stages... they wont have taken footage of the crowd from one gig and used the rest of the footage from another? I was barrier for Manchester as well...


    although... :logic:


    This is from the extras. The North American/UK Arena tours all looked the same,

  6. Still have to wait to see this for myself, but since hearing about the guitar toss, I have been wondering if that was edited in from a different show than the Vegas one.

    I don't think it was faked before a show, though.


    And yeah, I would assume Dom was getting into that silly red suit.


    It's not just the guitar toss, it's pieced throughout the entire thing, where you can see a crowd behind the stage in some shots, and then others it's draped off, or in one shot he's clearly not on the thrust stage yet, and then BAM he's magically there.

  7. I need audio rip from DVD including extras.


    Fuck me for getting the Blu Ray without have a Blu Ray drive in my computer. :stunned:


    That wasn't......smart.


    Seriously, editing on this thing is horrible, and the contrived b.s. they do in the pyramid which i'm 99.9% sure was faked before a show. (and the sound effects? seriously??)

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