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  1. This is officially THE week of the year for music.

    Singles from Tame Impala and Muse.

    Sufjan Stevens and Modest Mouse album leaks.

    Anyone wanna expand on that?


    Will Butler (of Arcade FIre) solo project released.

    New Incubus single (Trust Fall, sounds like older Incubus which is nice)


    Nobody else here probably cares, but we're on the discussion of things that make this week great for music.

  2. Why are we all assuming that the video posted was filmed right before it's posting? There's a chance all these clips were recorded months ago, and they just are slowly putting them out there.


    If you believe the song is going to be released this week, then it's probably been finished for quite some time.


    If it's a radio edit they need to do, they've known for a while and it's not an "oh my, we need to make a radio edit for this? We were unaware!"

  3. It does clearly state Warner, but why the sudden change?


    I am curious as to what they target, and why, though.

    It's clear there are certain songs that are blocked more frequently than others.

    Mostly the rarities and good stuff we all want to see, but then often the rest of the gig isn't blocked?


    Like, why are there a few thousand Starlight vids, and non of them blocked, but there's only a few surviving unblocked videos of TiRO?



    all dead star videos still up with audio, same with sunburn.

  4. Funny just seeing these posts now about audio being removed from youtube. It was one year ago that they busted out Micro Cuts in Montreal, and I wanted to watch a youtube video just to kinda flashback, and all the audio has been removed from all the full length videos of that performance. It's upsetting.

  5. Don't know where to post this considering the tour thread is closed but, but my buddy posted this on Facebook..


    "AXSTV is broadcasting weekend 2 footage of Coachella. Hysteria, Bliss, Animals, Unsustainable, Time is Running Out, Uprising, and Survival were shown. It re-airs tomorrow (today) at 11:00 PST."


    So perhaps someone will record it and put it on youtube.

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