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  1. I'm talking about what the person considers to be objective. I don't subjectively like a song, but if think it's objectively good. I don't like it, but think it's good. I don't know why you're so touchy about this. I'm allowed to think a song is good but not enjoy it, and vice versa. It's not devaluing other opinions. I, along with others here, am free to express my thoughts on a song like this.


    trying to comprehend this, actually hurts my brain.

  2. Notes I wrote from the show/interview tonight


    mercy starts off with bass and piano (Matt not on the piano), definitely had a starlight vibe to me.


    Defector is the darkest the album gets


    JFK is the same audio they used to open some shows during BHAR tour.


    They've had thoughts of playing the album front to back


    Mercy is about fighting oppressive forces


    The handler is where the album makes some sort of shift, and it's also Matts favourite song on the album.

  3. Apparently a French fan met Matt today, and he said they're playing Apocalypse Please in the U.S., and they also rehearsed TSP but Matt wouldn't confirm whether or not they would play that as well. Said the U.S. gigs will have Absolution rarities in place of the Showbiz rarities of the Psycho tour.


    hearsay hearsay hearsay.

  4. According to the founder of Muse France who met Matt with video proof, Muse will be doing the same thing they did with the Psycho UK tour in terms of rarities except in the US, mainly with Absolution. He said Apocalypse Please will definitely be played, and Matt smiled and didn't respond when he asked about The Small Print.


    The video posted has NO mention of any songs being played.


    "When we asked for The Small Print , Matt said nothing and smiled! This leaves a possibility of recurrence this piece."


    I guess all some sheep need is a smile to confirm something. Get a grip.


    Bet that means Stockholm Syndrome :chuckle: Although I wouldn't say no to Thoughts of a Dying Atheist or Apocalypse Please... or actually any of Absolution I haven't already seen live, given that's my favourite Muse record.


    Anyway, anyone willing to place bets on what they were rehearsing?


    *points out piano in the background*

  6. LOVE this song, has some electronic elements to it sure, but I think there used very effectively. And it has some excellent guitar moments, bass is really powerful, drums incredibly piercing and Matt's vocals sound GREAT on this track. While its definitely a very pop kind of song I didn't expect a riff heavy song from the first OFFICIAL single from the album. Very happy with this song, and i'm very pumped for the rest of the album as after hearing 3 songs including the live version of reapers this is already the best 3 song introduction to an album we've had for Muse in quite a while.


    Very exciting time to be a MUSE fan.


    your RANDOM capitalization of CERTAIN words make me want to CLAW my eyes OUT

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