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  1. They (or Matt, at least) actually seemed to have fun over the last two gigs, these are just the songs they think they 'should' play in the US. It's pretty much the same as the US Drones gigs, just with two less songs (the piano slot and the JFK+____ slot).


    Edit: Oh, also, apparently Matt said no to a fan who brought a Fury sign to the front. Not a surprise I guess but figured I'd post.


    Now I wonder what fan would bring a sign that says Fury? Wonder if they're from Australia.

  2. I don't put much hope into that; but would be there for sure if it happened. The one I'm looking at is the first weekend of August; Both Lollapalooza in Chicago and Osheaga in Montreal are going on at the same time (dumb) and I don't think either has announced any lineups. I know Osheaga likes to make their own lineup announcements and were quite upset when Radiohead scooped them last year. Being in western PA on August 1st would put them right in line to play palooza though.


    They're all but confirmed for Lolla.

  3. Ottawa Bluesfest is announcing their lineup next week.


    They share A LOT of headliners with Festival D'ete in Quebec which Muse are also headlining.


    Muse has NOT played in Ottawa since 2004, and the gap in their tour dates indicate this is very possible.

  4. Multiple Facebook comments seem to speculate about a Halloween themed party in Tokyo. No clue what their source is :confused: Wouldn't be the first time they did something special over there...


    yes, because the facebook comment section is a great source of reliable information.

  5. Tbf they only did 5 songs. Over an 18-20 song set, they'll presumably use it more.


    Apparently in the other thread they also said there's a descending screen the band perform inside. Which sounds a bit like the thing U2 are doing with their current tour.


    Muse copying U2? NO WAY.

  6. Still no second show announcement. I'm guessing there wont be a second toronto show, since they made the montreal announcement on friday:( Also there is a raptors game on Jan 17th, and a game Jan 15th so I guess no double shows:(


    Raptors play a road game on the 14th, and a home game on the 18th.


    Not sure where you're getting your information from.

  7. I doubt it will disappoint, from the descriptions it sounds amazing and it's the Chris' and Dom's favourite track


    at the iheartradio gig in NYC a few weeks back, during the interview portion, Matt also claimed The Handler was his favourite song from the record.

  8. Unfortunately very true! Though part of the night 1/night 2 disparity in the Toronto example is again because of the fans with signs.


    2nd night had no map and SS, BUT had Feeling Good, and a boring NB. Not sure how much better night 2 was just because of Dead Star being present.

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