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  1. That could make sense, maybe if they felt like they didn’t fit the theme/sound of the later sessions. I gotta say, say what you will about quality of the two singles (I’ve already said my piece), but the instrumentation and styles between are somewhat consistent. This is coming off albums where the first two singles were Psycho + Dead Inside and Unsustainable + Survival. I can’t believe I’m actually going to follow this album. I think I have Stockholm syndrome with this band
  2. I mean I agree with most of the criticism but I still enjoy it. I think the two following albums got a lot of similar criticism but I don’t enjoy them, it’s all just nostalgia
  3. Also can anyone point me to the 80s influence outside of the cheesy gated tom fills and Bon Jovi backing vocals? It’s like they took the two worst things from 80s music missed u too jonisdead
  4. After being a bit burnt by Drones and then Dig Down, I’m not necessarily excited for this, but I’m always always intrigued to see what they do because at some point I really loved this band. Here’s hoping to defying expectations!
  5. Oh I wasn’t aware he worked that much on Panic Station, that gives me hope. I know he’s been involved in the past few albums but I didn’t know to what extent. I think BHaR was definitely a step up, I’ll agree with that. And for the creative stuff, yeah the wide range of styles on TR and T2L might be owed to lack of third party input, but then again it seems like Drones had too much of that input. Like you just said I was wondering if we’d hear a snippet. I remember getting that snippet for DD at some point
  6. I hope the mixing is better this time around with Rich, BHaR and Absolution are just too muddy sounding to me. But as the band’s music started to sound better, the creative control got more and more questionable... I think the band still definitely has the capacity to produce good music, even pop. Nothing wrong with a good pop song. I’d rather have them make something they enjoy than recreate an older sound, as long as it’s actually a successful experiment
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