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  1. Mine is not freaky enough. I like horror ness. Mine is just to kind and nice. And mine has 909 words... I need inspiration and I have not enought time, maybe I have though, only I am very very busy with school
  2. I've almost finished the Stand Alone. I don't really like it, I"ve 500 words now, but I'll get it to 1000...
  3. I like them a lot ^^ Only I have no Dollars, and I have no pounds.
  4. Maybe someone should open a new thread. Write down who is joining, dump the theme, I don't care, we could do a main theme or a song. And then give people the time to hand it in, so we can start yay, I am actually pretty evil though. I am here for a few days, and now I'm already being weird here...
  5. Cool! You must be German. -looking- Nope you're Switzerlandish xD Ok, I don't follow it anymore, what is this conversation actually about, what theme? Just a song as a theme and then make a Stand Alone outta it? That's not really difficult... iif you have a nice theme of course.
  6. A lot of pictures! Wee, I have even more, however, I wrote down at what age I've drawn them, because some of them are old. I'm 13 now, almost 14 yay Dakota Fanning as Jane (New Moon)[13 years old] Try to Draw Joe Jonas[12 years old] Bella and Edward Twilight [12 years old] Jonas Brothers, without Kevin, because I lost the picture [12 years old] Kristen Stewart [13 years old] Random girl [13 years old] The Christmas Thought [13 years old] Zac Efron, by Natasja. It failed so now it's: Evil Gay Zaccie Selena Gomez [13 years old] Hayden Patteniere [13 years old] Taylor Swift [13 years old] An Eye, I painted this week, because I was bored. I just figured out I have not drawn Muse yet, that's a shame...
  7. Yay! Everyone is happy now! I speak Dutch, German, French and English, Although I suck in French! Yay. I'm happy I'm not the only one who isn't English!
  8. I'd love to join, only between all those older people, whose English is their mother tongue, I suck. I don't really care if it i Muse related or not Muse related... You have to look who joins first, if there are only 1 or 2 then you probably have to wait with starting.
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