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  1. and thanks :happy: can't wait.. oh,it's not one of those angry ones.. is it?

  2. Are you ok mimi????

  3. aw thanks :kiss: anyways,how are you? <3

  4. Awww Mimi:kiss: happy new year and Merry Christmas to you toooo! XOXOXO :happy::kiss:

  5. awww! thanks:kiss: cruel internet :supersad:

  6. bahbahhh.. salammm! add kardamet :happy: are shayad khoshet biad az inja,man ke ye moddat az sob ta shab inja budam..chat mikardam hamash :LOL: alan kamtar miam! kollan alan shodim 3ta irani tu inja(ba to!) vali un nafare sevom ham taze umade,ziadam nemiad..! kesi ziad ghadre Muse o nemidune :(

  7. bliss and sunburn?! they played those songs?? goooddd,lately they're only playing uprising,USE,and KoC for the ending! you guys were lucky :( OOS and showbiz songs are just.. so good *moans*

  8. BLISSS! :kiss: i'm alright,thanks! how are YOU doing?? <3

  9. but i love you too <3

  10. cheers mike! cool pic

  11. China?!! WHOA! You're one lucky person! Have fine out thereee! Take loads of pictures and then make us all jealous :chuckle:

  12. come in chat if you want :) right now

  13. cool avatar!! it's creepy..

  14. dancing spook is now kissing water

  15. did you bake that cake? how did it taste? did you take any pics? :D tell meee!

  16. did you buy anything from the muse store?

  17. Don't care about it! but oh wait,how bad was it?? i mean the thread. lol

  18. Fank you:kiss: I'm just wondering should i have the Skittles or..use my mouth for other purposes? :p Lick your face maybe? or..

  19. FAP FAP FAP FAP! duh..the whole place is wet..ugh vfwnekbgnioh!

  20. forever wet? ash that's...

  21. france is an unwelcoming country??

  22. funny profile pic.. :LOL:

  23. greetings hamvatan! :p

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