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  1. بعد از چهار سال بهتره اینجا یه آپدیت بشه و بگم که شبکه های اجتماعی فعال برای طرفدارهای میوز فقط اینستاگرم و تلگرام هست https://t.me/Musepersia https://www.instagram.com/musepersia/
  2. Hi Muse, #2 Question. Do you have anything to say to your fans in Iran? You have a huge fanbase in here that are waiting for a chance to meet you in the nearest country outside Iran which are Turkey and UAE.
  3. #2 Do you like Industrial-metal genre? I mean do you like bands like Rammstein (Lyrics, Music and their Live shows)? Cheers heroes! Your old fan from Iran
  4. When you see them, Tell 'me that they have a huge fanbase in Iran, but as the government won't let any rock band perform in here we can see them in the UAE and Turkey so please ask them to come back to Turkey after nine years.
  5. "And there is no place for stadium-filling rock act Muse, despite their song Plug-In Baby being said to have replaced Stairway To Heaven as one of the prime choices for musicians testing out new gear in guitar shops." http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/arctic-monkeys-vs-deep-purple-public-to-vote-on-greatest-guitar-riff-of-all-time-9606117.html I wonder if any of this Muse haters heard anything from Absolution or Oos On the other side, I think we can blame Muse for becoming a soft band God knows how much I pray 24/7 to hear some heavy stuff on 7 LP
  6. Anyone knows how many songs they're going to play? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  7. ایرانی های عزیز و طرفدارای میوز همونطور که قبلا توی پیج هم گفته شد میوز 11 آبان به ابوظبی میاد. برای اطلاعات بیشتر و هماهنگی با بقیه بچه ها حتما به این event برید و شیرش کنید تا خبر به گوش همه برسه https://www.facebook.com/events/149118858614399/
  8. Hi, There are many fans from Iran who like to see Muse in UAE, Here's the facebook event. Spread the word by sharing the event pleasehttps://www.facebook.com/events/149118858614399/
  9. Hi, There are many fans from Iran who like to see Muse in UAE, Here's the facebook event. Spread the word by sharing the event pleasehttps://www.facebook.com/events/149118858614399/
  10. Come on folks, Ed Sheeran is beating Muse and 12 hours left for vote
  11. این کامنت رو یه نفر توی یوتوب گذاشته بود که به درک بیشتر ویدیو سوپرمیسی کمک میکنه If you pay a bit attention that at 0:27, the surfer's back shows "Fifty Year Storm". Then, I google that words, and it tells about a movie titled "Point Break". The plot is about an FBI agent who wants to chase down a number of a criminals called "Ex-President" who robbed a bank just from the cash drawers not the vault using a mask of former president.Found out that the criminals were a SURFER.Basically the criminals motive is not about personal profit, but just REBELLING against the "SYSTEM".
  12. و اونی که سوار بر دوچرخه شمشیر آتشین رو حمل میکنه. شمشیر آتشین در مسیحیت نماد قضاوت هست
  13. کلی توئیت و کامنت تنفر واسه یه ویدیو اومده٬ حق دارن دوستان ولی باید اول به درکش برسیمو و بتونیم ایراداشو بگیریم بعد اعلان بیزاری کنیم. خودم هنوزم دارم نگاش میکنم تا چیزی از قلم نیوفته دقت کردید که یکی از تخته ها که روش نوشته die or surf کنار درامز دومینیک هست!
  14. خوب بود کیان٬ موافقم
  15. منظورم از سیاهپوست٬ سیاهپوش بود مسلما منظور از چنگک و آب پرتقال خونی و ماسک سفید و مشکی و دستبند٬ نماد های شیطان پرستی هست. اما اوج گرفتن اونها روی موج (نماد پاکی و خلوص) یعنی چی؟ میشه همون برتری اونها!
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