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    I'm a Muser. I called my Guitar 'The Bellamizer'. I usually call it 'My Little Bellamy'. I also love other Rock and Metal Bands.
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    London, England
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    Playing Piano and Guitar, Listening to Music.
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    Black Veil Brides, Guns N' Roses, A Skylit Drive, Funeral For a Friend, Nirvana, Avenged Sevenfold, Motley Crue, My Chemical Romance, Escape the Fate, Bullet For My Valentine.
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    Around the World in 80 Days, School of Rock, St Trinians, Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Nanny McPhee
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    Strictly come Dancing, I'm In the Band, any rock and metal music channel
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    HAARP (Cd and Dvd), Absolution, Origin Of Symmetry, Black Holes And Revelations, Hullabaloo
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  1. Thanks! Can you send me your email address so that I can send them to you. I need them by Tuesday.
  2. Hello, Musers. I am conducting an experiment on Muse and Mood. I would like participants to fill in a questionnaire and to answer a short quiz. I really need at least 20 participants by Tuesday. It's for my coursework for college and I need people to participate so that I can pass my course. It would be greatly appreciated. Please write here if you are interested and I will send the questionnaire and quiz to you. Thank you very much. -DonnaRaines
  3. yup. no replies yet :LOL:

  4. oh lol haha it's @Muser2008 yours? haha lol xD really?

  5. wow, youve left. thats cool. and what is it as in what is your twitter account name :) Me and some friends have invited the Queen, Prince Harry, Muse, Johnny Depp and i think Peter Aundre to our leavers assembly in a couple of weeks. We're waiting to see how many we can get :D

  6. as in forever. My band is going alright :) i'm not sure how to explain a twitter account xD

  7. Twitter account. You've left Highschool as in forever or summer holidays? If its your summer holidays that's quite early, ours are in July. How's it going with your band?

  8. what is what? ah cool. i've just left high school.

  9. What is it? Mines been suspended for no apparent reason.

    I'm getting slightly better at my guitar, if my friend Mya hurries up and gives me a song I might be in the end of school assembly :) What year is it your in at high school again?

  10. lol sounds like fun. yeah my weekend was alright :) lol that sounds fun xDD haha yeah i have a twitter account.

  11. WW2 assessments, Academy profiles, Yearbook photos, just stuff :) Lochgoilhead was fun. I capsized 5 times at sailing because of the wind at first :LOL: My partner Erika and I were the first to go out in the Loch and then the wind went really strong and we started going so fast that the boat went on its side with half of it in the air. Then we fell in and it sort of flumped down on top of us. The instructor kept going 'hug the boat and it'll turn over!' and everyone was laughing when we tried to jump ontop of the boat :D Then we did orienteering and we were told to find all these wooden posts. It was funny, my group had Kirsty, Joshua and me and we had found a post in the woods, but someone was coming up the trail. We ran up to it and stamped the paper and since it was surrounded by bushes we hid there until they came and stood EXACTLY on the other side. As we were watching them the rest of their group came round and had a conversation about converse shoes (:rolleyes:). Our group must of hid there about five minutes before the went away :LOL: The map said there was a post diagonal to the one we were at so we snuck along behind some trees and a ditch because we knew another group of boys were a couple of metres away. Just as Kirsty and I were waiting to see if the they would go away, that idiot Joshua walks out and starts a conversation with them :facepalm: I just thought stuff it and ran out behind the trees and right into some bushes of thorns. Kirsty had followed me so I had to sorta shove her back out of the thorns, straight into a marsh. The marsh was a sort of reddy orange colour and it looked like blood, and it was all over my trainers, so i though id cut my ankle on the thorns and i bolted for the chips that the boys were standing on. We must have looked like a right bunch of idiots :LOL: It was good fun though. Wish I was back there :( Did you have a good weekend?

    P.S. Do you have a twitter account?

  12. haha okay :D it' sbeen going alright. just loads of exams...you?

  13. Eh, well that's when I got my guitar. I bought myself a guitar but it was delivered on Tuesday. When I posted the message it was going to be delivered the next day, Tuesday, which would have been tomorrow :)

    So how's it been going?

  14. what's happening tomorrow?

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