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  1. http://quebec.radionrj.ca/Channels/VBP/story.aspx?ID=1299200 ^ the cutest interview ever. Those eyes, that scruff, the sex hair... rawwrrrr Oh hello everyone! Haven´t posted in a while...
  2. I know....maybe the guys could take turns, or I could have specific days for each one... Dom should always be there though, he IS the shagmonster after all! The hell am I talking about?...:LOL: Big ass LOL at that pic. What´s that face he´s making?
  3. The most beautiful piece of classical music I´ve heard in a while. It´s that good. I recommend you listen to all five parts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRYn-g51LKQ
  4. Yeah it´s quite interesting... I saw The Edge!!!!! I was far up in the stadium but I loved it so much! The crowd was fantastic, it started to rain in the end which was funny. Here´s some videos from the show, I´ve only uploaded three yet cause they´re too big and it takes ages jesus... http://www.youtube.com/user/CenasMens?feature=mhum Oh and I just came back from a shopping spree! *feels happy* bras, panties, shoes, pants...I´m broke
  5. :LOL: Heyyyy! I haven´t posted here in a while...kinda been on lurking mode... Uni has been killing me, a few drunken nights and my love life actually going somewhere again have been keeping me busy I hope everyone is doing ok! Here´s some Dom love!
  6. Hello everyone! I´ve been kinda busy lately with uni and sort of having a life... But I thought I´d stop by and leave you with the source of my worse pervings as of late:
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