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  1. It definitely wasn't you then!!! it was a bloke in the Chevelle shirt! I keep wondering about the guy I met at the merchandise stand with his brand new Iron Maiden shirt from the night before and if he has worked out that Dom was in GA too...
  2. I think she was pretty much supporting your cause. Just sad that you had to defend your spot. Had that happen to me last year at a Kasabian concert during the show. We got there early to be as close to barrier as possible and Miss Grind My Way To The Front thought she was getting in front of me. I honestly was close to hurting her. There are a lot of people in the world that don't want to queue and just waltz to the front because they think it is their right. And whilst I'm ranting - WTH with people going to gigs and getting so shitfaced that they don't even know they are there?! I'm not a prude but I do want to remember a gig I paid to see.
  3. The lines in general were a little crazy. Weird about the GA line because in past experience people have been really chilled and helpful. Yes! we were then decided it was too warm for it... for an ice arena it was warm enough in there.
  4. Were you in a Chevelle shirt at the concert? if so I think I was walking next to you for a bit!
  5. Amazing! what sort of camera do you use?... I think I have already knackered mine... it is only 18 months old...
  6. So happy somebody got to meet them! Closest we got to meeting anyone was queuing up behind the CtE comp ticket holders with AA 1, 2, 3 tickets in our section... hmmm... was that mom? dad?.... The good thing about being in that section is that it had a very diverse mixtures of ages. AND apparently I am the best cousin ever - took my youngest cousin to his first proper concert - daren't tell him that no other will ever compare. Kept thanking me all the way home for getting him a ticket.
  7. Apparently the whole Hudson clan are in Nashville - Oliver Hudson has tweeted. FWIW I don't agree with moaning about setlists - I loved the show. But I would have loved it more if we had gotten Assassin AND Stockholm Syndrome. Not really a fan of Neutron Star Collision...
  8. Didn't Matt say they had never played NSC in the US?... it was a long drive home I could be getting confused. I thought it could be with it being Cage the Elephant's home show. Both bands pulled out all the stops. Hope everyone that wanted aftershow meet saw the info that went out from Cage the Elephant - both bands were supposed to be at the High Watt. I saw it AFTER I drove back home...still couldn't have gone ...
  9. Yes. It says on their website they won't but I just rang up and was very polite and asked and she did it. We had better seats than some people with VIP bands on. TBF I think we were in the untaken Cage the Elephant comp ticket allocation.
  10. *thud* Ticketmaster moved us to the better seats!!!! :dance: side!
  11. Of course I looked. No GA... but better seats available for same price! Will check again in morning and see if they will move us, but I doubt it.
  12. I knew I shouldn't have bottled and bought seats... Oh well it's done now... I will resist looking for GA.
  13. So thoughts on signs - my youngest is thinking about it... can't say I remember ever seeing any at a Muse concert... We have no one behind us to annoy... so that isn't an issue - whether the band have binoculars may be though!
  14. oh well, we settled for expensive crap seats instead of GA...my youngest kept giving me the puppy dog eyes... Hoping they will knock this outta the park (ok arena) as it is basically CtE's home gig.
  15. Yeah. I won't buy seats and just tried to get GA. Shouldn't have left it this late but was waiting for people to get back to me. Kicking myself I didn't just buy them and musebay them if needed to. Hoping that maybe some will be released nearer the date. Last time at Bridgestone I picked up a GA on the day.
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