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  1. Sin embargo, los automóviles y otros vehículos no son garantías y sin defectos prestamos rapidos sin nomina y propiedades, ya que pierden valor con el tiempo y es difícil predecir exactamente cómo se va a devaluar. Por lo tanto, los bancos e instituciones financieras petición de los consumidores con mala o regular informe de crédito para poner un pago inicial o un depósito de seguridad en la transacción con el fin de tener un equilibrio que siempre va a estar cerca de, o bajo, el valor de mercado del vehículo. El abajo efectivo y el depósito de seguridad se consideran como una garantía adicional

  2. Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo :xmas:

  3. Merry christmas maffff! have a beautiful new year :happy: :happy: :kiss:

  4. Merry Christmas and hope you have a happy new year! :xmas:

  5. Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo :xmas:

  6. :D Thanks! I should watch it sometime!
  7. Heya Allison :kiss:


    it's Ben Johnston from Biffy Clyro as Captain Spaulding from the movie House of 1000 corpses :happy:


    really good movie!

  8. hi Mafaaa! :kiss: Can I ask who's in your avatar? He's funny. :chuckle:

  9. i used to dye my hair red Matt some years ago, now i don't think i'll do it again :LOL: especially because i have to go blond first too much work :chuckle:

    ohh you'll get used to it, it's so pweety! :happy:


    yeh :supersad: i was going to see them and i always wanted to go to Scotland so it would be a 2 in 1.

    glad you had a good time aswell :dance:

  10. I wouldn't dare to dye my hair Matt red :LOL: Aww thanks, I like it too but it's kinda hard getting used to it since I've been blonde my entire life :rolleyes:

    You were to see Biffy? Aww what a shame :( But good it worked out great anyways :happy:


    It was really good thanks :) Me and my family were at my cousin's place in Stockholm and we spend the night there as well :happy:

  11. i was thinking about Matt red :LOL: but it looks so beautiful!!! Love it, and it makes your eyes pop! :awesome:


    ohh new year's eve was amazing! i was a bit sad at first because i was suposed to be in scotland for Biffy's concert with a friend but she couldn't make it :( but then i forgot about it and it was great :awesome:


    how was yours?

  12. There you go :) was taken last night :happy:

    It's not bright red as you can see and it looks more brownish in the photo but it's still red :D





    Did you have a good new year's eve? :kiss:

  13. Happy new year for yah too!!!! :party::kiss:

  14. Happy New Year Mafalda love! <3

  15. I WANNA SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:



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