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  1. 2nd Law without question. I remember saying that Muse had turned into a dodgy Queen tribute act and I still stand by that.
  2. What a nightmare venue. I’ve fractured a bone in my foot but was not going to let that stop me going! But what a bloody hike to the stadium. I felt a bit let down at the start, mainly because I didn’t get the massive rush of Adrenalin that I used to get at a gig. I think this is because I’m now a knackered single mum rather than being young, free and single! But then they played Super Massive Black Hole and I was back in the zone. Once they played Bliss I was complete. I loved the medley and Knights of Cydonia is always a winner to finish. Band seemed to be rather more chatty than usual! Even my boyfriend enjoyed it, and he’s a Spurs fan! What an incredible night.
  3. An unmod? Please don't evict me from the Muser house? I promise to have Matt's face tattooed on my butt to show my devotion to Muse, just not this album!
  4. Apologies if something similar has been posted, I'm arriving late to the party & haven't trawled through all 4 threads. I don't like 2nd Law, sorry. And I say this as someone who has loved Muse since seeing them perform Bliss on TOTP many years ago. I keep thinking it's a bit like the Emperor's New Clothes, and when Matt, Dom & Chris have finished pissing themselves laughing at everyone raving about how amazing it is, then they'll give us the proper album we deserve.
  5. Indeed it was, I saw them perform it on Top of The Pops & I was just mesmorised...the rest, as they say, is history.
  6. I must admit I didn't like Stockholm Syndrome at first, then I saw them do it live & the awesomeness of it hit me & now I can't get enough
  7. I have to say, in my very humble opinion, having read this thread & the I Belong To You Thread, that some people have WAYYYYYY too much time on their hands . What's wrong with just loving a song without looking for deeper meanings to it? Personally (and this is not a dig at anyone whose opinion differs) I find that if I dissect and overanalyse a song it somehow becomes less than it was (I'm the same with all art really...I used to loath English Literature at school ). I also love Radiohead but I haven't got a friggin' clue what most of their songs are about (see Paranoid Android) but I don't care...I love them for what they are. But hey, I guess we're all different & that's what makes life so darn interesting!
  8. Sadly after a couple of initial listenings this track now has a 100% skip rating, but I don't really get why. It is beautiful musically but just leaves me cold.
  9. I love this song, when they did it live at Teignmouth (first time I heard it) I actually welled up a little. That's probably partly because I'm pregnant and thus hormonal but still, it definitely invoked a strong reaction. I don't quite get the 'it's a sexy song' comments I've seen, but that's just my view, to me it's about being in love with an emotionally damaged person. Personally I think Bliss is, and probably always will be, the most lovely, perfect song in the world.
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