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  1. This is just nonsense, there's no way of measuring this. Muse are not "rock for clever people." Muse are a pop band, yes a fairly technical pop band, but you certainly don't need to be clever to enjoy them (or even understand them.)
  2. I don't get how you can feel like that, Showbiz is my favourite Muse album. Damn i love OPINIONS
  3. Clom

    Dear Niall

    And Mel Gibson can play Alex.
  4. Clom

    Dear Niall

    You'd have to be a fucking idiot to miss the jokey intention in Alex's post. (coming from someone that has never interacted with him or posted in K&T)
  5. Clom

    Dear Niall

    And i don't think this specific joke did look awful. It wasn't hilarious no, but it was a quick response to a comment that worked fine in context. In reality the joke wasn't really even on a serious matter, it wasn't mocking homosexuality, it was mocking immaturity in regards to homosexuality.
  6. Clom

    Dear Niall

    I was just typing an argument and realised I'd used the phrase "i have gay friends." Ugh, i really have no idea where I stand on this issue.
  7. Clom

    Dear Niall

    People need to lighten up for Christ's sake. I agree that gay shouldn't be used as an insult, but the original post was essentially mocking people who use it in that context, can't comprehend how THAT could warrant a year long ban (inb4 "points system", "hipster irony", fuck off.) Perhaps I'm just de-sensitised from offense, but i really do think people should joke about these things, they're serious matters yes, but they're normal human things and therefore should be joked about imo. Concerning words like gay and mental, i think it's just ettomology isn't it, that's how the words have evolved. "Mental" is no longer solely associated with mental illness, it now is also synonymous with "crazy", the word has evolved. Sorry if this makes no sense, I'm prettttyyy drunk right now.
  8. wow that's so crazy and experimental opening with starlight that;s insane
  9. I never posted what I got for Christmas




    Unfortunately most of it is now in use so it's not that easy, but I got a suitcase and a bag and £££ and shoes and yeah

  10. I Calum Watson take you Sammy's Ovaries to be my lawfully wedded wife.

  11. I love you Calum James Watson


    Marry my ovaries

  12. I don't give a shit if it was a coincidence, yr doing it again. :phu: Maaan that must be scary.. (and exciting and all that)


    I did thanks, probably one of my best nights out ever! :awesome:

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