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  1. Yeah.. for me (shipping to Finland) it would be something like this: deluxe cd: 17,99€ + 14,99€ standard / 26,50€ courier = 32,98€ / 44,49€ vinyl: 20,99€ + 12,49€ standard / 27,49€ courier = 33,48€ / 48,48€ super deluxe set: 61,99€ + 34€ courier = 95,99€€ Pretty steep postages, I'd say Pretty much the only reason to pre-order via Muse shop would be the "early access to tour tickets", whatever that means, IF the old-style messageboard pre-sales doesn't exist any longer. If only I could be sure that the old pre-sales exists, I could happily pre-order via local music store, and save pretty much all the postages...
  2. Btw, does anyone have any idea about tomorrow's schedule? Doors are at 18:30, but what about showtimes? Probably something like The New Regime at 19:15 and Muse at 20:45?
  3. Tomorrow! Almost can't wait for it.. Perhaps it's time for some Muse-only playlist today and tomorrow, to warm up...
  4. Yeah, it didn't work. You had to click the "Choose best available seats" ("Valitse parhaat paikat" or something like that) above the seating map, and then you could choose either "best available" from the whole lot (standing, seating, whatnot), OR specify the category (standing, section Axx etc) from which you want the "best" places - and there you could indeed pick standing places as well. Yep, pretty crappy stuff...
  5. I also managed to get standing tickets - and yeah, seems that the pre-sale standing ticket quota wasn't that high to start with... Good luck for Monday to all of you that didn't manage to get standing tickets today!
  6. Btw, kinda regarding this: did Matt keep the Moomin plush toy he was given during UD, or did he give it back? I kinda missed that one from the screens, and I wasn't close enough to that point to see it with my own eyes either...
  7. Gotta second that. Really really good atmosphere at the stadium, amazing show! And also the lights worked pretty well after all, as it got dark enough by the end of the show. That was my biggest fear initially...
  8. Fantastic show. Really good atmosphere all around the audience - quite remarkable for a Finnish audience on a Monday night Btw, on a related note - is there a way to share videos here, or just simply upload it to Youtube and then share the link here? Shot one (crappy) video of Isolated System + first seconds of Uprising, might just as well put it up somewhere...
  9. Yay, tickets! When did you join? As stated in http://muse.mu/news,scandinavian-dates-announced-for-summer-2013_1481.htm - "Please note that these pre-sales are for current muse.mu members only. To receive a code you need to have an activated muse.mu account as of 09:00 (GMT) Wednesday 4th December." So if you joined after 4th of December (or on 4th but after 09:00 GMT, translating to 11:00 Finnish time), better luck in the next pre-sale.
  10. Well, speaking of the devil, I just got this email: "Your MUSE (Hartwall Arena) tickets have been dispatched". Now, they'd better show up at my mailbox really quick and unharmed, OR ELSE...
  11. Same here, starting to become a bit anxious... Though, it was stated in the original payment/pre-sale confirmation email that "Please Note: Printed tickets will usually be despatched 14 days before the event." So perhaps we just need to sit tight and wait.
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