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  1. I'll tell you wot else is pwoppa good... Matt's Red Glitteratti Manson & his Red suits. Sahme he didn't have red spikey hair at Wembley!
  2. I dont have any Matt cookies but I'm quite partial to a coconut flavoured liquorish jelly bean... Would you like one?? :)

  3. I got these really random sweets from Japan last year and they basically had the weirdest flavours. Just thought I'd ask though :)! I have none left tho :(

  4. Ha no I've been listening to Muse since the Origin of Symmetry album (Newborn was the very first song I ever heard!) But I try to own as much of their stuff as possible! Wouldn't it be sooooo cool if Muse became the first band to play a live gig from outerspace like on some insane zero gravity spaceship?? :D

  5. I'm loving that muse collection you've got there, where did you get random 1-8?? Btw do you like coconut flavoured liquorish jelly beans? :D

  6. do you like coconut flavoured liquorish flavoured jelly beans?? :)

  7. Hello, do you llike coconut liquorish flavoured jelly beans?? :D

  8. Hey I want to be one of the lucky people who have had the pleasure of watching muse live... I need a time machine ^_^

  9. The "Hullabaloo" hair inspired me, I love how spikey it was! I can't think of a colour I havent seen it in yet. His red bliss hair is so mesmirising! Btw check out Chris' cornrows on the bliss video
  10. someone pass me some coconut liquorish flavoured jelly beans! I've justseen the weirdist thing... http://www.microcuts.net/gallery/details.php?image_id=13102 check it out!
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