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  1. anyone who hates starlight - shame on you, it is brilliant and impossible to hate. the lyrics are beautiful. I can't keep a straight face knowing that when im clapping along to it, im saying tits in morse code - heard matt admit it on radio
  2. how about we get him to take the shirt off then we take it and burn it - we benefit both ways lol
  3. I am athiest, but i believe there is a difference between athiest and being anti religious, athiest is where you simply don't believe and being non religious is where you don't like religion/ hate it did i make any sense????
  4. .....??? *confused and speechless* someone explain, i have an even lower iq than i already do when i am caffene deficient
  5. 16 - he is impossibly perfect, seriously he is an awesoome drummer, and to top it all off he is pretty hot (don't let my boyf hear this )
  6. hmmmmm...not sure but whatever it is it will be so brilliantly specatular that they will have outdone themselves yet again, wait, wait nooooooooo....... ......neverending pack of smarties just ran out:'( oh well until the release i will make do with the other albums
  7. my name is sarah and i have an incureable case of being addicted to muse, i say fu#k it im gunna die anyway so i might as well go down swinging
  8. man, i luv em all, they are all different but they compliment each other, i can't pick a fave. they are truly unique and i think that people dont look past the lead, i know chris does not like being the centre of attention but they all deserve all the praise and attention they get and more. as an afterthought, i think as fans we really apply a lot of pressure, they do their best to please us and we say more,more and we then turn around and say matt gets lazy with the vocals at concerts thank this if you agree, it would be interesting to see who cares about the people as much as the music.
  9. wtf you people! that is so painful- where is that darned fence, imma sit on it
  10. You people have to remember the fact that there is 1 matt and he has to sing entire concerts, so if he sings all out all the time he could make a right royal balls-up of everything, i think he tries to incorporate economy and wow factor. anywho, enjoy them while it lasts because, unfortunatley all good things come to an end (what i'm saying he has baby bing - is that the name??- he will and IF dom decides to settles down - i say if - they , including chris, will want to spend time with their families) sorry to put a wet blanket on everthing, but you never know, he could get a little lazy ( i do not like admitting things - i am right even when i am wrong) fingers crossed for a couple more albums
  11. for me it had to be time is running out, hysteria, B&H, undisclosed desires, supermassive black hole, defiantly resistance , KoC, mk U...you get the picture Totally addicted
  12. mememememememememe! *waving hands in air while jumping like lunatic* i think chris is god wooooo(wholly athiest most of the time with the exception to chris) *sighing dreamily* it took me 8 months to get over my jelousy towards his wife grrrrrr...
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