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    listening to MUSE, reading, art and astronomy!!!!
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    too many, it's restricting the room underneath of my bed....
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    Marlay Park Dublin August 13th 2008
    Dublin o2 November 6th 2009
    Wembley 10th + 11th September 2010
    Leeds Festival 2011
    Birmingham LG Arena 30th October 2012
    Dublin o2 3rd November 2012
  1. This is really short notice but I have a seating ticket if anyone is interested. I bought two tickets and then won a further two!! The one spare I have is seating next to me... I wouldn't be asking for full price for the ticket... I would accept a tshirt as payment or any other negotiable offers!! I'd hate for it to go to waste
  2. I have 1 seating ticket available... Block 8 Row YR ... I am traveling over from Ireland but unfortunately my mate can no longer come so trying to sell other ticket so I don't have an empty seat beside me :'( ...PM if you are interested ...cheers
  3. Dia duit! ( Irish for hello ) =p

  4. Ahhh ok sorry :p Well you now know you have the same nickname as a coventry speedway rider hehehe!

  5. Hey bomber harris ....speedway fan then?

  6. Come on Matt! giz us another clue pweeesee:D:D:D:D my brain is offically turn to mush now lol

  7. yep sure will i say:P i hope they dont lose alot of fans tho like with black holes, coz they said the work gonna be different. you bought any tickets to go and see them?

  8. I think the Resistance is gonna be soo fucking awesome after seeing the track listings...bet its Epic!

  9. no, yes i do very much, and thank you

  10. Hi :)you added me as friend ... thanks but ...do I know you?:p seen you like space me too:D:D:D

    Hope you get to see muse soon:)

  11. Hiya:D:D

    Hows things?

    You going to o2 Dublin? Got me tickets today xDxDxD pre-sale woop woop! Marley Park all over again lol....hope you some too:(:(

    Talk sooon

    Neeve xx

  12. hello chick *waves* hows you keeping?:D

    Hope your having fun at work. Back to skool on monday yuck! chilling n eatin my remains of chocolate before all the study :'( lol

    Can't wait for the new album...NEED IT NOW!!

    Take care girl!

    Neeve xx

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