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  1. Depends what your into because I got these whole bunch of random sweets from Japan about a year ago... mind you would try eating them now! What's your fav Muse song at the moment?? x

  2. Dead Star is pretty amazing (one of the first songs I ever learned to play on guitar!) Erm I would have to say Glorious at the mo, going through a stage where I listen to the rare stuff that I find on You tube. Also I'm into some of the more operatic piano stuff at the min as well x

  3. No bookface for me thanks! I think you should keep at it with the writing... all it takes is to find that one person who shares the same interest as you!

  4. Hey you have a seriously cool profile! You have seriously good music taste (MUSE duh!) the Horrors are awesome! Have you got a fav Muse song?? :musesign: x

  5. Na I'm still trying to get over the thing with the creepy eyes in its hands. We watched that after sitting through the whole of the 80's film Labyrinth with David Bowie lol!

  6. Yup Also I love love love Hot Fuzz, SOTD or any other Nick Frost Simon Pegg colaboration lol one of my favs!!! :D

  7. I good thanks, just sort of preparing for uni (y'know all the boring student stuff) lol. Well at least I should be but I'm on the message board alot! I'm looking to go somewhere like Exeter! :) x

  8. Hey there! Are you enjoying a new year?? Hows things in your part of the world?? xx

  9. Ha I have been working all day pretty much lol! I heard about woolies going under tho! Shame the pik n mix was the best of the rest :))

  10. Hey long time no speak!!! How you doing?? Did you have a nice bday & halloween?? x

  11. Dylan Moran is cool! My friends were lucky to get tickets to see him live at the corn exchange a while back! They saw him outside after the show and he was like "Where's the nearest pu?" lol true story! x

  12. Hey again, what have you been upto these days?

  13. Hey I checked out all the Muse gigs that you've been to... I envy you lol! I want to see them live soooooooooooo bad (been triny since 2001!!) x

  14. Whoah saw Pans Labyrinth the other day... FREAKY!

  15. So the new album is called The Resistance, wonder what that means though? (probably to do with Matt's obsession with aliens and conspiracy theories) It has been a long time since we last spoke so got any interesting stories to tell? I've just been working on a film for my media company. Speak soon :p

  16. Yeah I'm currently studying Art, English Lang/Lit, Media and Sociology! I want to do something in Journalism when I leave school! xx

  17. Hello I'm new(ish) How have you been sooo lucky to see Muse live that many times?? By the way would you like a coconut flavoured liquorish jelly bean? :)

  18. Hey my friend uploaded some videos onto You Tube of FOB playing at Wembley arena if your interested! ;) x

  19. Hey punkrockerjazzie I'm new! Just wondering where you got the Muscle Museum EP from?? Btw would you like a coconut flavoured liquorish jelly bean? x

  20. God dammit why is it that nearly everyone I ask has seen Muse live?? No fair :(

  21. Ha I have succumbed to the fate of bookface now...It had to be done eventually I suppose! So how you liking the new Muse album??

  22. Hey Milky Joe, still not speaking to Howard and Vince?

  23. Hey havent spoken to you in ages!!! How have you been??

  24. Hey thanks for the add!!! :) Ur in 6th Form... What you planning to do after that?? Go Uni maybe?? x

  25. Heya Your Emily's friend aren't you?? She works at woolworths lol! x

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