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    Marlay Park, Dublin, 13/08/08
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    Leeds Festival, 26/08/11
    The O2, London, 27/10/12
    The Emirates, London, 26/05/13
    Amsterdam ArenA, 4/06/13
    Electric Ballroom, 11/09/15
    SSE Arena, Belfast, 06/04/16
    The O2, London, 12/04/16
    Glastonbury Festival, 24/06/16
    SBE, 19/08/17
    Reading, 27/08/17
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  1. This is looking promising for Reading & Leeds! They loved it last weekend
  2. At least they got Bliss, it would have fitted in nicely on Saturday
  3. Hey we have a spare ticket for the sky lounge before the gig if anyone wants to join me and 4 others, just let me know. We're gonna go in around 5ish.
  4. Has anyone else not received their tickets yet?
  5. Still desperately refreshing ticketmaster every 5 minutes in the hopes of getting a ticket... The latest captcha was 'Stop wasting time' Is it a sign?
  6. He just likes us gingers haha Yeah would have been cool to get one of his ones with his name on it but I'm not going to complain!
  7. I was lucky enough to get a drumstick at the Amsterdam ArenA gig on the 4th of June I was at barrier by the thrust stage and when Dom came up for his little section on the thrust stage (GL, UD, etc) I frantically held up my sign asking for a drumstick that I made on an old pillow case () and he saw it during GL then came over at the end of UD, but there was a guy 2 people over from me who also had a sign so he kinda joked about being like 'who am I gonna give it to!' And since I was wearing my Ireland flag round my neck I even desperately said to Dom please Dom I came all the way from Ireland! Haha, but he eventually threw one to each of us, such an amazing feeling that he has acknowledged me
  8. Oh yes I saw you! think I'll brig my flag to all future gigs, it's easy to spot yourself on videos! I also got onto the big screen during follow me
  9. What a gig! We were at the b stage barrier. Got a drumstick! also lol at matt knocking over the mic stand at the end of survival! And loved matts slap on Doms ass during GL (I think!) I'm so sunburnt!!
  10. On the way to Amsterdam now, so excited! anyone recommend anything in particular to do touristy wise in amsterdam?
  11. We're at G look for the person with the Ireland flag
  12. What's the weather like in Amsterdam at this time of the year?
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