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  1. That's fair enough. I'll prolly give it a listen in the next few days while doing coursework.

  2. Well, what I've heard of the Electric Wizard album is great, but I don't think I can do the whole 60+ minutes tonight.

  3. firefly is the best show ever!

  4. Firefly I love that show

  5. How did you know? XD

  6. I found you! I was so mad that I didn't get your phone number so we could see Artic monkeys together too x)

  7. Looondon. I'm going to KCL.

  8. No way! Going anywhere near Bristol?

  9. I miss your presence! Come baaack. Also, guess who'll be on your side of the pond come August? :awesome:

  10. Season 1 of Dollhouse just finished downloading. :awesome: So as soon as I finish my DWathon (3 more eps then I'm on to season 5), I'ma start on that'n. :happy:

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