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  1. Just seen that the show will be broadcast live: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1586219-watch-live-muse-concert-on-april-6th-at-830-pm-et Hope it works outside the US!!
  2. As long as you have the card with you I really think it will be ok. This was from the SBE Facebook page when someone asked about ID: "If you have the ticket delivered to you, you will only need to produce the ticket for scanning upon entry. However, problems can occur and the card holder will need to be present for validation should it be needed."
  3. Yes, "the card holder needs to be present with their plus one for this event". That's all - no mention of ID. They may check the card number and name on the card matches the ticket but as I can't print it yet it's hard to say. They can't put too much detail on the ticket is case it is lost and someone out there gets all your details and they would be liable. Are you not the cardholder?
  4. Don't stress, my card and id are in different names but according to SBE they won't check anything unless there's a problem i.e. your ticket doesn't scan, and then they'll just want to see the credit/debit card you used to purchase the tickets. Just make sure your printer is working ok! Well done to all those with VIP tickets - I defninitely would have bought one if I hadn't been lucky enough to get some last week. If you don't want seats I know there is a great standing area to the right of the stage as you are looking at it (Chris's side) behind the bit where the VIP seating usually is. There's a nice ledge for your drinks and leaning enjoyment! Can't remember if there's one on the other side but the view is amazing and no-one can tell you to sit down! Less than 2 weeks to go
  5. Did TM say they were going to cancel them or did you offer? All these T's & C's are just to show that they are acknowledging the touting situation but Ticketmaster themselves act as an agency so really don't care. I am not going to tell anyone what to do, but after my conversation with them yesterday about a name issue if it were me and Ticketmaster don't cancel them automatically (as their blurb says they will) and I could print out the 2 sets, i'd just turn up all together with the card used to pay and some id for that person and go in together. The people on the door won't give a monkeys how many tickets you have if they are all yours and you have the payment card. Conditions of sale and conditions of entry are not the same thing, and even the use of photo id is an issue and not actually enforceable. Ticketmaster are just being seen to do the right thing. Anyway I wouldn't cancel unless they do. I'd let the tickets become printable, download them and see what they say on the actual ticket. If they let you have them, I'd use them. But that's just me. PS From the SBE Facebook page: Q "At the War Child gig,do we have to show id for the purchase of the ticket,i'm going on my own and it was purchased by my partner? thanks." A "If you have selected Box Office collection, the card holder will need to be present. If you have the ticket delivered to you, you will only need to produce the ticket for scanning upon entry. However, problems can occur and the card holder will need to be present for validation should it be needed. Please get in touch with your ticket provider to go over the terms and conditions." If TM let you download the ticket then use it.
  6. Same for me. I wonder if there were different formats of codes - mine had mostly number and a few letters at the end - and worked - but the second code I tried had more letters than numbers. Maybe this caused a problem, maybe not, but was nothing to do with being sold out
  7. I did speak to Customer Service and they told me all the above! Don't know what number you called but I called the main one 08444 999 999 and followed the options and was through in about 2 mins.
  8. Ah I can see it now on the Event info bit Well, all I can is I spoke to them and they knew nothing about it! Anyway I don't actually think it can be enforced as there is no legal requirement for anyone in the UK to have photo id as we don't have identiity cards like other countries do. What if you don't drive or travel? The Glastonbury route of having your photo on the ticket is really the only way.
  9. This is the first time i have seen such a shambles with the codes - has always been fine until today. Just to set the record straight, there is no requirement for photo id. After seeing comments on here and ebay I called Ticketmaster as my credit card is still in my maiden name and all my photo id is in my married name but there is nothing on their systems or on the booking pages that says this. The guy said it could be introduced but very unlikely as the bookings have now been made so they can't just change the conditions. He can't see there being a problem. I completely agree with the photo thing but it's not a requirement this time. As for ebay, there were tickets on sale yesterday by Stub Hub which is an ebay company. They are at it too so can hardly stop others touting through ebay. Good luck to everyone tomorrow
  10. Yep, me. But only one of my codes works so there's a definite problem. Means there will be more tomorrow! I don't know if it made any difference but I was signed into TM which then took me back to the general page, I followed the link again which took me to the right page and it was fine after that.
  11. Ok, this is odd - my code was fine (got 2 standing I actually may get killed but will be worth it!!) but my other half's code did not work Something's not right.
  12. Matt moves around the stage a lot more these days. I always used to get the left side too but Chris and Matt move about a fair bit. This is going to be so awesome
  13. I just got Section 7 row 5 from concert maps too They look pretty good to me. Have been planning my trip to the USA for some time now and can't believe this is happening while I am there!!
  14. I think we are going in a circle here. In short, you think they are moving away from OOS because they don't like the older material, and I don't because they have chosen to play those songs for whatever reason, polls or not. I agree that they may not be played as much in the future (although I can't see PIB and FG ever leaving) but going back to my original post (and just quoted in the post above) I don't think they'll turn their backs on the energy and style of some OOS songs that the fans obviously love, and was lacking in TR.
  15. No, incorrect. I eye-rolled for OOS, there's plenty of great songs that get completely overlooked on Absolution and BHAR. If they hate certain songs, why would they play them? My point is that they do have a choice over what they play. I didn't complain about the setlist, maybe the first night @ Wembley for perfomance but saw the stadium show 3 times last year and got different songs at each. Exactly. Other rare songs were voted for too and never got played. If Muse hate OOS they didn't have to play CE and Bliss, or NB and FG which are regulars.
  16. Agree, especially COD - was one of the best performances at Wembley 07. Yes. there are other albums other than OOS and TR which is why there must be a lot of love for OOS if lots of those great songs were overlooked last year. Sippe - How do you know what I voted for? And I can't see that quote anywhere. And as for them not liking the old stuff (as you suggest), they choose what to play and they want the crowds reaction so they'll keep the songs that get everyone going, especially ones with big riffs/instrumentals cos those go down really well with non english speaking audiences. The setlists got pretty slagged last year (a lot of people forgot that they were still promoting a specific album) so if Muse don't like the old stuff and fans don't like the new stuff, it will be very interesting to see where it's going.
  17. In your opinion. I don't think they are distancing themselves from all of it, just the need to move on and make their new stuff better. They must have been pretty pissed when the results of those stupid polls for choosing the set lists didn't really acknowledge anything they had done since 2003 - it was all about CE and Bliss!! I think the line "we've gone off on one a little bit" will resonate with a lot of fans. And why would they want to "pull it back and remind ourselves of what we were doing 10 years ago" if they intended to abandon it completely? If that were the case they wouldn't even make the statement, just be getting on with The Resistance Pt 2
  18. Might be just me but I think this is the bit worth celebrating: "we've gone off on one a little bit, and now it feels like the right time to pull it back and remind ourselves of what we were doing 10 years ago" i.e. get back to what they do best and what we have all been screaming for! I think they'll keep the ones that get the best crowd reactions (PIB, Bliss, CE) and any bring the Resistance stuff that fits in better like MK Ultra and Unnatural Selection. I think the new album will be more like OOS than the Resistance. Or maybe that's just what I am hoping
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