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  1. http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=8800190&postcount=511


    Last sentence will be relevant to your interests....appaz they don't do much....:

  2. :awesome:



    How are you?

  3. :awesome:


    How are you my lovely?

  4. 12:53) Black Mamba: fucking msn

    (12:53) Black Mamba: I had to delete it

    (12:53) Black Mamba: and install it again

    (12:54) Black Mamba: i will come back later


    Thats all I got, and by the time I came back you had gone?


  5. 5:30am indeed. The security told us we were 12 hrs early! :LOL: We were so stoked to be the first ones there :chuckle:. I did listen to the previews and I hated Resistance the most but I actually loved it when I heard it in full and I still do. UD was amazing that first night in Teignmouth too :chuckle:.


    I was seated quite near the stage, on Chris' side with Pope and Bob as I was Pope's +1. We had really good seats - I had a good rave to MK up there. :D I'm going to see them in America in April so I'm hoping for the awesomeness they are displaying now to continue. Or as you say, I'll throw more than beer mats! :D


    You are going to both nights at Wembley?

  6. Alix!

    You make me laugh alot so I had to add you. obv. lol

  7. Aww thanks.

    To be honest I know I failed the first 2...the first one the 2 topics i revised came up in 1 whole question rather than two seperate ones so id no idea what to write for the 2nd...and i didnt go to my 2nd exam because I thought i knew enough for the previous exam so didnt revise for it.

    I have one tomrrow that i am also going to fail...my mother will kill me! eek.

  8. Aww your a star...speak to you tmorrow!

    Night! :)

  9. Birthday parties are fun but I dont know if i can be bothered going lol. im in a wierd mood. i say that now but i know tmorow il be totally hyped and ready to go - and i have 2 dresses that are dying to be worn so il have to wear them lol.

    aww man drunken txts are the worst lol. but usually the funniest. same with drunken answer phone messages. o god. i left some mad ones. lol

  10. But you havnt signed back in.

    I am back now. I just missed you by minutes, I wasnt in the room.


  11. Emessen.

    You fiend.

  12. facebook is shit.




    jeez! lol

  13. Hah, <3. Yes, that would be it.

    Success. Most ridiculous PM ever.

  14. Hah, I'm so afraid of turning 25. I want to avoid it. Alas! I haven't had my bus photo taken yet, I wonder if I'd get away with a fb pic? :awesome:


    MSN blows, I always appear offline these days. Very rarely sign in at that, I guess. Skype, laaaav it. Nope, wouldn't cost any more than usual. I'm on o2 UK, yo! Hit me up!

  15. Haha, long story.

    Once there was epic beef between KitnTab and Banter and somehow my avatar was brought into it and a KittenTabber added Paedo Bear in the background. I've no idea why! :LOL:

  16. Hai Amii.

    I added you on msn!


  17. hai!

    Im grand, waiting for my car to be taken away! :(

    How are you! :)

  18. Heh.

    I still haven't changed my undertitle. With it, my sig and avatar you'd think I was a member of Gaga's site, not Muse's.


    I'm listening to Exo III (not 4 lol) atm, it's awesome. <3

  19. hello you.

    i am raging abt marlay...so many board people and i didnt meet any of you.

    hows things?

  20. helloooooooooooooo

    where are you? :(

  21. hey :)

    Yeah it was ok, im at a birthday party tomorrow night and saturday night! got 2 pretty dresses. eek. and yeah i cant believe its friday almost, the week has completely flew by! :D are you going out?

  22. hey hey!


    yellow trousers...awesome!

    I tried my red ones on last night...blinding! lol

    sup? :)

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