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  1. You don't have to worry. The venue will be looked over by LCD screens to see people, 1000 policemen will be there. Fans will be searched once then scanned afterwards. I'm used to it. Just come and enjoy the show. ;-)
  2. The Eiffel Tower area is expensive. You should have a look further, Ibis Style Porte de Montreuil. This one is ok. http://www.booking.com/searchresults.fr.html?label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggJCAlhYSDNiBW5vcmVmaE2IAQGYAQ24AQbIAQzYAQHoAQH4AQuoAgM&sid=0fa30f9c3f54d39f43c1e981099ab3e7&dcid=4&checkin_monthday=28&checkin_year_month=2016-6&checkout_monthday=29&checkout_year_month=2016-6&class_interval=1&dest_id=-1456928&dest_type=city&dtdisc=0&group_adults=2&group_children=0&hlrd=0&hyb_red=0&inac=0&label_click=undef&nha_red=0&no_rooms=1&postcard=0&prefill_submitted=1&redirected_from_city=0&redirected_from_landmark=0&redirected_from_region=0&review_score_group=empty&room1=A%2CA&sb_price_type=total&score_min=0&ss=Paris%2C%20France&ss_all=0&ssb=empty&sshis=0&ssne=Paris%2C%20France&ssne_untouched=Paris%2C%20France&ssuit=1&order=class_asc&first_filter_suggestion_clicked=&nflt=hotelfacility%3D2%3Bchaincode%3D3086%3B
  3. I've just called up the ticket website. The employee has only read what you've read,(no bag no container), she told me to call up the Eiffel Tower. I couldn't so i've written them an email. I think only big backpacks are banned like any other concert. Bottles of water are always banned but small ones whose they remove the cap. I'm waiting for an answer. Anyway, in case i don't receive any answer, just bring a small bag, i don't think there will be any problem and don't bring any bottle whatsoever. You could find bottles and sandwiches while entering the show. I'll let you know when I've got more information.
  4. I'll call them up or i'll ask on Facebook or Twitter. I know big backpacks aren't allowed at venues as for cameras there should be no problem.
  5. Are you guys planning to do any festivals this summer ?
  6. I haven't received the link for the video Agitated. I eventually could watch it thanks to Twitter. Actually, i haven't received any mail from muse.mu for a long time even though i'm an old timer on this website. I'm wondering what is the problem.
  7. I usually buy it in November in UK. I'm searching on the Web any Muse calendar but I don't see any for 2015 to my dismay.
  8. It's fun to hear you, guys, have also a Muse tribute in uk. We've got one in France. They're amazing. A few weeks ago we had a Muse meet in Paris in a pub and the band gave a concert for 1h30.
  9. Does anybody know this website ? http://www.rang1tickets.nl/muse-tickets/amsterdam-arena-amsterdam-nederland-dinsdag-4-juni-2013-58286.html
  10. Thank's a lot, Robyn, for the very nice Xmas card ! Thank's Felicia for the very nice card i've just received ! :-D
  11. I'm also searching one standing ticket for Amsterdam Arena. Thank you in advance if you get an extra one.
  12. Thank's Minnie and Amanda (Rebel Poet) for the nice cards and also Jayna for the nice e-card ! Edit : Thank's Sam Lal for the very nice ecard ! :-)
  13. I've seen on Facebook, a French girl is selling 2 middenplein tickets at face value for Amsterdam gig. If you're interested ...
  14. When you log in, you can see your presale code. You don't receive it.
  15. Indeed, it's high time we thought about it. I'd like to participate to this event which is fun and friendly. Let me know if any of you are willing to participate to it this year again. Just PM me.
  16. I had a great time at Taratata. I was amazed to see myself during the program in the audience.
  17. Amazing gig last night. I was delighted to hear Bliss. I met Morgan and Tom for the first time.
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