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  1. Bem vindo! Eu ainda apareço de vez em quando na sessão offtopic. Cole lá! É a única parte boa do fórum. Mals a demora!! Só vi HOJE q vc respondeu. Karen, não teve uma treta de alguém que ficou puto com vcs e aí foi montar o musebr?
  2. I was only aware of the tickets price last week - my life has been quite crazy, and since we shutdown Muse Brasil, I got a little away from the band events and such. Mate, you bet on me that we'd supported you on this. Add to that the gig will be in fucking Barra da Tijuca, which basically means: a hell to reach there, a hell to get out of there. The demand factor is one of the cheap excuse producers use here. "People aren't buying tickets, so we are raising the price" - but if you are raising the price, less people will be able to afford that. Lindsay Sterling played here this year and her tickets were a absurd too. Same t4f, if I'm not mistaken. Can you point me which tweets? Matt was sick, had something to do with his throat. He played Lollapalooza with a sore throat, but they had to cancel the solo gig which was three or two days before. Sorry if someone already told you. I've stopped reading on page 6. Is totally by the venue. The same way they charge you a "convenience fee" because you bought it on the internet - even if it is not going to be delivered at your door and you have to pick it up yourself. This fee is just another way they've found to extort and exploit people. And this may stick around, since T4F is one of the main producers here. 10 years ago or less, they started with this "premium floor" section, which was not a common thing to do. Now, every concert has a "premium floor", which is substantially closer to the stage and is usually filled with random people, sub-celebrities, people invited, and a few fans who could afford those tickets. This happens to almost every band concert. Ah, and most concerts here are set on "standing venues". The bottle line is that we know there are people who is going to pay for these. I'm not judging anyone here, though I think they only feed the greed producers doing it so. "They will pay, they always do." - that's their moto. I was going to write a lot, but most of what I'd say was already said. I will only add one thing about a personal feeling: It is sad to think that I paid R$180 on my first gig, back in 2008, right there in São Paulo, and more or less 250 for the Rock in Rio in 2013, WHICH WAS A FESTIVAL!! And now, to think that I have to pay R$250 to watch it form a shit place is really frustrating. Also, gigs for me are like going to a football match: the experience has a lot to do with being in the crowd feeling its energy. If this has already being posted, excuse me. But bellow you can see Rio's venue map:
  3. Desde que o Muse Brasil morreu, não tenho mais contato com os fãs. Nunca fui no/do Muse BR, que é uma dissidência do Brasil. Tb nem participava no orkut. Contínuo entrando aqui, mas só no Banter. A maior parte dos fóruns que entrava morreram por causa do FB.
  4. To quase sempre no Banter. Mas acho que sempre fui o único brasileiro lá. Como vão? Nas próximas semanas Outubro deve confirmar "de maneira confirmativa" como as datas dos solos. Não vou ter grana. =(
  5. Also a bit late, but thanks for the message.

  6. I was browsing an online store, where a friend has some illustrated t-shirts and posters. when I found your perfect gift:





    It is a shame I'm not your SS. :(

  7. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes!

  8. Bah, nem tô ancioso pelo RnR. E nem entro mais no Muse Brasil. E nunca entrei no MuseBr. Nem sei se eles (MuseBr) tem fórum. Eu posto ãs vezes na sessão Banter aqui do fórum, mas só.
  9. I'm have not been on here much either, more so on Facebook. I don't have skype yet, still not sure about that. I'm super excited to see Muse in the States again next year, going to see them at the Houston gig. Maybe at more if I can, maybe New York too?

  10. good, afaik.


    Ive been away from the forum and most social networks. Even though I log in in facebook everyday, I dont stick there. Im online on skype or gtlak, if you wanna catch up.


    How have you been?

  11. Hola, haven't seen you on in a while. How you been? :)

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