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    listening to MCR, MUSE metal and rock and playing footie
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  1. how do's every1 hope u ave a gd weekend im of to leedssss im getting fifa 08 n some new pair of converse
  2. No one is taking black holes and revelations alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By far the greatest of MUSE album, awersome riff in KOC, lovin' the bass in COD and and some punk ass drumming in assassin i love all the songs from BH&R GOOOOOOOOO MUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thier next album better blow our MINDS. Songs i like from each album:ps i like all of BH&R songs Absolution:TIRO,stockholm Sydrome, Hysteria,blackout,butterflies&h,S4A Hulabaloo:shrinking universe,ashamed,HCM OoS: Bliss, hyper music,PIB,citizen erased,mirco cuts,darkshines So cool albums LETS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. DRRRRRRRRRRRR KOC that riff is so ****** * awersome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I must admit it is a very slow and boring song out of the whole album hyper music, plug in baby and bliss are far better but, i only discovered the bonus track 4 BH & R album a few weeks ago the one called GLORIOUS the song is pretty amazing !!!!
  6. Hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome ,KoC, Hyper Music, motp, starlight, take a bow and shrinking universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. My most played song on itunes isssssssss............. got to e the one and only knights of cydonia I can't get enough of that guitar riff lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i was listened to knights of cydonia yesterday on windows media player i pressed Ctrl - shift - s it plays the song your listening to more slowly at the time i was listening to KOC when it got to the guitar riff and beyond, the song was so cool have a try press Ctrl - shift- s that makes the song play slowly Ctrl - shift - n it plays the song normally Ctrl - shift - g or f to make it play faster At the top of windows media player it should have a section saying file options etc... go to the one called play and it should be thier but pressing Ctrl - shift- s is alot easier!!!!! pressit when windows media plyer is upon your screen or it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. take bow knights o c starlight:- overatted MOTP stockholm sydrome
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