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  1. Happy Birthday! :awesome:

  2. Drawn as a birthday card for my partner, it's her dog, an American Cocker Spaniel. Done in black ink pen... I'm quite pleased with how it came out but it's not perfect, the ear isn't great and nor is the background. Don't use pen much though. Here is a recent pencil portrait, this is the medium I am most at home with!
  3. My dad mentioned to me that he'd like to see Muse, so I told him that tickets were just going on sale for stadium dates next year and he has decided to try for tickets to Manchester. So I've been set the task to try and buy tickets tomorrow! Trouble is, he offered to get me a ticket too. I'd really love to go but I've always seen Muse with my girlfriend so far and she can't afford a ticket I can't afford to buy her one either. I'd feel so guilty about going without her. Anyway, I'm trying for 2 tickets and if I don't go my sister will go with him.
  4. Happy day of birth to you, plus I get to take you visitor message virginity :p

  5. Thanks I can draw/paint from photos no problem. But I seriously have no creativity whatsoever I suck at thinking up original ideas or drawing with no references. Oh here is a very quick pencil sketch I did a few months ago:
  6. I don't think my mum likes them that much. My dad likes them. I put the CDs on in the car once and he asked me to copy them for him. He's not a huge fan but he will listen to their music, and he wanted to come to Wembley to see them with me.
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