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    Brentwood, TN
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    Listening to music, reading, gaming, and not much else.
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    Radiohead, The Fall of Troy, At the Drive-In, Buckethead, Graf Orlock, System of a Down, Camille Dalmais, The Mars Volta, Manic Street Preachers (with Richey)
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    Princess Mononoke, Amelie, Kung Fu Hustle, Milk
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    Ender's series, His Dark Materials, Bartimaeus Trilogy
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    Every track in mp3 form <_<
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    I had been planning to see them on their next tour, but it looks like The Resistance is going to suck. And I don't want to sit through that crap.
  1. .I wish you a very happy birthday!

  2. Love your profile info xD


    Couldn't find a "cavier" avatar pic?

  3. Happy birthday

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  10. Happy day of birth to you, plus I get to take you visitor message virginity :p

  11. Happy day of birth, and I took your visitor message virginity :p

  12. Happy day of birth

  13. Happy day of birth

  14. Thanks. (:

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