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  1. Really enjoyed last night but we had to leave at 1030 so missed last couple of songs tonget homega for our daughter and I had to go to work too But for somebody whosaid been going to gigs from 1975 And have seen all sorts from slade , glitter stats quo etc etc in say muse were right up there with the best in have seen Great night and will be getting drones cd when I get paid next week BTW is it just gigs now or don't muse do any audience participation as noticed there was very little pause between songs and no covers eiher Very impressed
  2. Going tomorrow night really looking forward too Any info about timings etc what time to arrive and more important what time muse on stage and even more important what time gig due to finish Thanks nick
  3. Due to illness I have two tickets in ENTRANCE H block 420 for this Thursday Can deliver in London /south East area PM for details but No reasonable offer refused
  4. sasha2008

    Tickets for 02

    I have 2 tickets for sale due to illness for sale this Thursday they are for entrance H block 420 Inbox fir details
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