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    I love mid-century modern architecture! Furnishings! Clothing! Automobiles and motorcycles! Oh, and kitty cats!
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    Southern California
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    I collect vintage (retro) home furnishings
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    Preschool teacher
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    Foo Fighter Fan!
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    Classic Horror Films and books!
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    As an author I enjoy my own book called 300 Amusing Musings!
  1. Welcome! Scarbell! (Winky face!) Today is my first day also, I wanted to help you feel welcome!

  2. I too received an email that disclosed under the heading,"Tour recap" that Muse is '...planning a few surprises so keep your eyes peeled...' As a new member to the Muse Messageboard I am introducing myself as KimmyKat. I had a very bad tour experience (NOT Muse's fault!) in that I was stricken with a terrible bout of vertigo just moments before Muse went on stage in L.A. last December. I got sick as a dog and had to leave the stadium having seen not one second of the concert. I lament! I am hoping/praying that this 'news' will benefit me and fill the Black Hole left in my heart.
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    Hello All! I have just been jumped into the Muse Gang so introduce yourself and welcome me! I want to share with you my Drones Tour experience. I ordered tix for my husband and myself to the Staples Center concert (L.A. California) for the December 18th show. Got there VERY early so it seemed to take forever for the concert to start and we were VERY excited! During the opening act I layed my head back in my husbands lap and this produced a horrible bout of vertigo for me. I was nauseous, and spinning and sick as a dog! WE HAD TO LEAVE and we never saw the concert at all! Worst day (night) of my life! Do they have an emoticon for vomiting?
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