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  1. Well I've paid top dollar (or euro) for Cat 1 tickets and ended up in Row 30 of Block U9 - which looks pretty crap to me. As its a family outing and my 12 year old daughter's debut at a Muse gig, the idea was to treat her to really good seats. Hey Ho.
  2. Really enjoying this. They're playing some really good stuff that I've not heard before. Only problem is remembering what it all is! ..and you can't go wrong with Fury!
  3. It's a bit of a contrast from the approach they took for the BH&R launch gig at Shepherds Bush, when they gave all the tickets away. Still can't believe I got a pair that time!
  4. As a season ticket holder at the Amex I'd give that a definite thumbs up - its a fantastic venue. Earlier this month Fat Boy Slim did two nights as the first ever concert and didn't sell out. I'd have preferred to see him compere a two day festival with bands but then I've never been a clubber. Everyone who went seemed to enjoy themselves - except for the two hour beer queues which need sorting out. Moving the debate on, I was at Jodrell Bank for Elbow last night. I've never been happier to be part of a crowd getting soaked - it was a magical evening The stage sat next to the giant Lovell radio-telescope which was used as a massive screen at times. It's difficult to think of a better venue for Muse to play - exhibits and talks on Supermassive Black Holes and Neutron Stars in the afternoon then rock in the evening next to the world's third largest satellite dish!
  5. Is a stadium tour likely in Summer 2013? If so, might the boys be tempted down to the stunning new Amex Stadium at Brighton? For the first ever gigs there, Fat Boy Slim is doing two nights this coming weekend. Sadly they're only expecting c.12,000 on Friday and c.18,000 on Saturday - a far cry from when he attracted 250,000 to the Beach Boutique II in 2002. As he's supported the Seagulls for many years its fair enough that he gets first crack but I would have thought some live rock might have been in order at least one night of the two. It could be Seaside Rendevous II !
  6. How come this thread - quite rightly - lives on when some over-officious Mod killed mine on the Exogenisis I trailer for Never Let Me Go last week!!?!! http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=77838 IMHO these threads are fine in their own right - most people don't want to wade through zillions of pages of Where have you Heard Muse!
  7. CP03

    Funny Moments

    Was that in front of the stage on Matt's side on Saturday? I was wondering why they were hosing down the crowd when it was raining! My favorite was watching the UFO being led round the stadium by some bloke with a long lead - surrounded by a huddle of security staff! Slightly detracted from the magic of the moment but never mind! It must be very light and very well balanced.
  8. What a lovely write-up of an unforgettable day! Quality stuff.
  9. I never knew they were that precise Except of course they're not! At least the choice will be to stand in the rain or sit in the dry. Speaking as a Brighton fan I can vouch that the worst possible combination is sitting for hours in the pouring rain - particularly if there is a gale blowing at the same time!
  10. Latest forecast seems to suggest it will hammer it down all afternoon but hopefully be dry by the time the boys come out. http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/today.asp?zipcode=london Sounds like we could have a repeat of last time at Wembley when they were sweeping vast amounts of water off the stage after The Streets and before Muse.
  11. CP03

    Muse at T in the Park

    I think it was "Here we F***ing Go!" which is a Glasvegas (Scottish Band) song chorus. I also heard it on the coverage in one of the other sets - prob Calvin Harris or Hot Chip in the tent.
  12. I don't suppose for a moment it would happen, but Manu Chao would be a superb warm-up act to really get the crowd going for the boys.
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