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  1. I can't use my BF's card he has the same bank as me :/ And CafePress didn't respond to my mail either
  2. Well, I got no response to my mail ;_; I really want that Hoodie! D:
  3. Yeah I sent them an email explaining my pwoblem, but they didn't respond yet (sent it 3 days ago) I'm sad 'cause I really want that Hoodie : (
  4. I sould quote You Fucking Mother Fucker, I'm singing it when taking a shower. I'm super fan of the end "KEEE DA DA DA DA DAAAA"
  5. I used a VISA credit card O_o (but a french one) Thank yoi for the link, I'm gonna see what I can do T_T EDIT: Ok, must be my bank, not giving permission (strange 'cause I already done the same thing before and there was no problems) or being lazy to give the permission. Sad thing the site doesn't accept paypal
  6. My order status is currently : "Pending Auth Verification" what does it mean? Is it a normal thing, or are they making verifications with my bank or something?
  7. You're right, the skin color on the hands don't match either. It was a cute picture, too bad it's a fake!
  8. I'd like to see it, 'cause I don't see any flaw in the photoshopping of this photo O_o
  9. Just bought a FreeDOM Women's Raglan Hoodie, It will be just great for the december's gig 's long wait in the cold : D
  10. Sorry, couldn't restrain myself for doing it
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