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    16 and bored
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    somewhere in england :P
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    playin guitar
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    work on a sat...in a bakery...so poo
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    rock music mainly cba writtin all of thm
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    horror.... all the saws yay :)
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    big bang theory
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    wht r thy!
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    Black Holes and Revelations
    Origin Of Symmetry
    hullabaloo cd
    absolution tour dvd
    haarp tour
    hullabaloo dvd
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    none at the mo:(
    but am goin to v festival stafford...whoop. :)
  1. Hi is your ticket still available!? Thanks! :)

  2. You were on yesterday and didn't bother dropping me a message, pshhh :p

  3. I lost. I lost!:stunned::ohmy::eek::(:supersad::'(:mad:


    (Please excuse the over-use of smilies)

  4. Hey!

    Man haven't spoke in ages. I can't wait for the tour! YAY hopefully going to the birmingham one and london.

    Sophie xxx

  5. :$:$:$ Thank you :kiss:


    MIZZEZ YA :supersad:

  6. oh wow ur so pwettiful. :D

  7. Even though it isnt New year yet i wont be here as am going to my friends soo i just wanted to say ....



    HAPPY NEW YEAR MUSERS !!!! .. 2009 HERE WE COME :D:party:


    Have a good one :D:D



    CHEERS !!!!


    X X X

  8. happy new year :D

  9. Hey there! :)

    You can always drop by the Board awards and vote for me for the Unsung here award ;)

    link is here - http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=58386


    Happy holidays! :happy:

  10. Hay pearl hope you had a good xmas

  11. Merry xmas! I hope you are doing well! :kiss:

  12. MerryCrimboMusers.jpg

    Have a good one Pearl(Aka Ma Mathamatics Ninja) !! :D:xmas::kiss:

    x x

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