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    Listening to Music, Listening to Muse of course ! Going to gigs, watching football.
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    Muse, White Stripes, Motorhead, Smiths
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    Goodfellas, American Beauty, Blues Brothers
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    Wire, 24, Sopranos, South Park, Simpsons
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    All the albums including the HAARP set too. I also own a couple of the albums on Vinyl too.
  1. Me! Good job I got a tax rebate to pay for well most of it.
  2. I feel your pain. I did the same thing with the Wembley gig & managed to get tickets for face value for the 2nd date after getting some for the first off ebay,
  3. Just got seats from the arena website - they may be seats but at least I'm in. Expensive seats at that too - hope its an awesome concert !!!
  4. I just had a flick through the Muse tour dates of the past. I saw them in the Academy in December of 1999 & now in March of 2015. I feel old - I need to sit down.
  5. My back and neck were quite sore at the end - also I think some lady behind me was using my back as drum lol free massage I guess.
  6. I was stood so close to the front that the group I was with were able to take a photo of the setlist. It was the first time I knew which songs were coming up My own highlights were how crazy it went at the beginning for Psycho & hearing Bliss live again (not heard it live in the last few times I saw them). Also the group of people I met up were really cool too
  7. Its a pretty small venue for such a huge band. The view is pretty decent from anywhere. tend to be on the edges of the pit area (do people still mosh at Muse gigs?). I'm looking forward to a jump around/sing along!
  8. Nope but it felt like it - ran around the house shouting I've got a ticket - well quietly did it as my girlfriend was in bed since she's been working nights.
  9. Me too - I was gutted when I missed out. The prices on viagogo were crazy too - so thanks very much again !
  10. sheerbliss


    Its on Spotify now.
  11. Yeah - if you want to have a scare have a look on viagogo - tickets are starting at £450?!!! I'd love to go but if tickets are already gone then fair enough. It'd be awesome to get one though !!!
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