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  1. Jesus, I know it's for charity but that's a lot of money! Still gonna attempt it though
  2. Arena standing will be floor standing. Gallery is right up at the top
  3. http://earlyaccess.muse.mu/npn/
  4. I'm worried people will miss out just assuming their old memberships will cover them. Hopefully they do (they should) But I think it's worth registering on this new link
  5. Not sure if you will automatically get this from being on the mailing list. But I registered on http://earlyaccess.muse.mu/npn/ just to make sure I'll get early access to tour tickets.
  6. I couldn't see the price of the tickets, does anyone know?
  7. I know Stockholm Syndrome has obviously been played a hello of a lot over the years, but it has started to be dropped from setlists in the last couple of tours. I would really love to see it in a tiny venue as it's one of my favourite live songs. I'm really struggling to narrow my list down! Stockholm will probably not quite make it onto my list which makes me sad.
  8. Here's my list for what it's worth... Uno Yes Please Muscle Museum Showbiz Futurism Eternally Missed Fury The Small Print Hyper Chondriac Music Agitated Pretty tough to narrow it down to ten songs, but currently that will be my pick if we are given a free choice
  9. I would say it sounds like its unreserved seating because of the GA at the start. so there may well be a little struggle to get to the front seats. I don't know this for certain though.
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