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  1. I really need to get some recording gear- the bass would be easy.
  2. Have the overclocked ones got perspex sided cases and blue internal lights?
  3. "Ahhh, monsieur, wiv zees Roquefort you are troooly spoiling errrs"
  4. What's the 3rd amp do, then?
  5. No, you passed out, you git. I had to roll you over and go for a reach around.
  6. Never played a Pathfinder, myself, but yes, you're quite right, it will give many more tonal options and will sound much better than the weedy little freebie amp. I quite like the little Roland Cube amps, too, personally. They do a tiny 15W version, that is only £59. The slightly bigger 30W is alot more money, but has built in effects, which is worth considering. Anyway, depends on what the shop sells, really, as you'd be best to buy it all off one place- they are likely then to bung in the bits and bobs (cable, strap, plectrums) for free.
  7. That little 10W amp won't be much cop, though. I'd be tempted to buy the 112, an amp, and ask the shop very nicely to throw in a strap and cable. Might be £50 more, but I think the quality difference in the amp will be large.
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