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    I'm hollow. Nothing inside.
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    Thinking of fake hobbies to make myself seem dedicated.
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  1. you have the best user name ever

    after me

  2. I can't believe, in any context, that that could be a bad mark?! I'd be happy with all Cs. Cs are good......aren't they? Maybe not for the Camilla Egans of the world , but still - they're ok.
  3. Meh. Not so keen, to be honest. Internet meet-ups on TV always go wrong. and I'm afraid i'm going to have to trust the tv. Maybe when I'm older. Like 70. Muse will probably be "resting" by then, though.
  4. I've been to wales three different times for 3 weeks each, and I loved it. Oakwood's great. All the ... amusements... and stuff. ¬_¬
  5. I only found out i was wrong today... Hysteria:I thought in the first chourus it wasnt - "I'm not breaking down, I'm breaking out..." and that it was - "I'm not faking now, I'm not shaking out" but i was wrong - tis all the same.
  6. You are a freak! What a weird and wacky mistake?! I didn't mention my little one: I thought "Sane, It'll make you insane" was "Pane, It'll make you insane". I thought "Best you've got to be the best" was "Best, You've got to beat the rest".
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