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  1. Birthday. U haz it. Hope it's a good 'un <3

  2. Don't normally post around these parts but just to confirm that's Becks Blue, the alcohol free version. I sell it where I work *buggers off*



  4. Hi Tania :) Have you sold your Kasabian Brighton ticket yet?

  5. ...what did Gil do?

  6. Hey hey! No skype at the moment no, I'm rarely on my own and usually get interrupted during chats, LOL

  7. hey beb, do you have skype?

  8. Hello, I saw on the nature thread that you went to Pembrokeshire, and my family's thinking of going, was it good? (for like, natural beauty, cute towns etc hehe). Thanks :)

  9. Have a good birthday :)

  10. You can't eat a Honda Civic if you're peckish, and good luck driving a banana to work To me Pulp are a far more "personal" band than Muse. Their performance was centred around Jarvis Cocker as an engaging personality, he's happy to chat away and talk crap between songs in a way that Muse wouldn't dream of. Muse are all about the spectacle which, while awe-inspiring, is pretty impersonal and you get no sense of personality from it. They were both terrific but in entirely different ways. Aaaanyhoo, back on topic - the NME are always like this and it should come as no surprise, like the psycho ex-girlfriend that you just want more from etc etc
  11. To be honest though, trying to compare Muse and Pulp is like trying to compare a banana with a Honda Civic I thought they were the two best bands of the festival for me, but for very different reasons.
  12. I would expect nothing less! Face it, once you've seen my mighty cleavage it would be impossible to resist motorboating me <3

  13. Only if I may bury my face in them as well!

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