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UK Tour


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Ha, I know this is either a big ask, maybe a little bit crazy, but I don't mind. :D


I want a proper UK Tour, with the venues Muse used to play, or would be interested in, again.


Yes, keep Wembley, I do not want to offend anyone.


Personally, I prefered the smaller venues, where I can be closer and not have it left to chance/quickest finger clicker.


I doubt I'm the only one who may want this.


No more crazy travel, no more too bigger crowds, stuff London travel :p


Just the choice to travel to a smaller venue, or Wembley, whichever floats your boat. I bet the tour will sell out every time!





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He told NME that the next album will probably be of a more "personal" nature and would be more suited to smaller venues, but yeah I agree that they're just too big now. They could say screw it and just book smaller venues anyway, but they'd sell out in 10 seconds and in order to meet demand they'd have to do week-long residencies and what not. Otherwise thousands of people would just be shut out.

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