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  1. I haven't heard any review of anybody there so only going by the recordings of Muscle Museum and Plug in Baby on youtube, but Reading 2002 looked like a good performance so maybe in the top 5 for the OoS tour? Was anybody there still around on here?
  2. I thought Bliss was great. I completely agree about CE though. Also RBS is overrated. It's good, but it's no where near one of their best piano songs i've seen some people on here claim
  3. Awesome, Awesome gig! About 3 rows back by where Matts side met the barrier. The atomsphere was incredible where i was and everyone seemed to know the words to Dead Star Only bit that annoyed me was a small woman got caught in the pit and thought it was okay to start elbowing everyone. Got a nice bruise on my chest today because of that. Anyway, probably my favourite Muse gig so far because of setlist, atmosphere and the supports were great too!
  4. I always gig in mine as they are insanely comfortable after you have worn them in a bit. You should be fine in them. People will tread on your feet but the rubber toe offers a bit of protection. I should be getting to the queue about 2pm. I'm not fussed about barrier, i just want a decent spot.
  5. Abso > OoS > BH&R > Showbiz > T2L > TR
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