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Austin360 : ACL Buzzmeter


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Muse reigning. Black Keys surging. Phish phloundering?


# Muse - 11,456

# The Strokes - 11,440

# Vampire Weekend - 11,027

# Spoon - 10,750

# The Black Keys - 10,198


Where else to start but with a bit of a head scratcher at the top, where British rockers Muse have an ever-so-slim lead over The Strokes. Muse pulling the top spot is almost a gimme; the trio have been an Austin favorite ever since they pinch hit as headliners at 2007s ACL Fest in place of The White Stripes, theyre a consistently wow-worthy live act and you can hear roughly a half dozen of their songs on modern rock radio in most big markets across the country. So no big surprise there, but to have The Strokes - who are four and a half years removed from their last album and have been this close to calling it quits a couple times - nipping at their heels is intriguing at the least and What the hell?-inducing at the most.




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