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Aftershock Festival (October 9th)


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On 6/11/2022 at 5:00 PM, Luigi. said:

NorCal musers, where you at? We have a chance to see them potentially play a heavy set at this festival.

I hope they do! I still remember my slight disappointment in the LA Rising setlist. 🤐

With that said, I’m pretty sure I’ll be there! 😄

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wow - I just saw that the VOLT setlist included lots of songs.  I hadn't been thinking of going to Aftershock (the family would only be interested in Muse), but if they play this many songs, I might want to bring my son to his 1st concert.

Setlist Will of the People Interlude Hysteria [Drill Sergeant] Psycho Pressure Won't Stand Down Map of the Problematique The Gallery Compliance Thought Contagion Time Is Running Out Nishe Madness Supermassive Black Hole Plug In Baby Behold, the Glove (Matt Bellamy song) Uprising Prelude Starlight Encore: Kill or Be Killed Knights of Cydonia

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