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  1. Well that was fun. Especially CTMEOY.
  2. I was by the end of the catwalk where Matt comes out in the beginning. Few thoughts: -I was legit afraid I was going to miss out on Propaganda and Pray with the rotations that they have. -Crowd in the front looked pretty active for a US crowd, jumping for most of the songs. -New Unsustainable visuals are bland as hell, bring back the classic visuals and red lighting. Loved the visuals for SMBH and Propaganda though. -Algorithm was surprisingly boring, which is a shame since the rest of the ST songs were fun.
  3. Matt's never going to stop referring to Oakland as San Francisco. I'll write more tomorrow but that was very fun.
  4. Crowd really enjoyed Walk the Moon. Can't deny that they were good.
  5. Setlist is definitely an improvement over the last US arena tour. Would have liked a few more deep cuts but oh well. Shame that there won't be much moshing during the medley since everyone will be distracted by the giant robot.
  6. Wait, what? Resistance and UD have been dropped? I consider this a win.
  7. Optimistic prediction for US shows and based off promo shows: 1. Algorithm 2. Psycho 3. Break It To Me 4. Plug In Baby 5. Map Of The Problematique/Bliss 6. Resistance 7. Supermassive Black Hole 8. Pressure 9. Uprising 10. The Dark Side 11. Unsustainable 12. Sunburn 13. Dig Down 14. Madness 15. Thought Contagion 16. Time Is Running Out 17. Metal Medley Encore 18. Starlight 19. Knights Of Cydonia
  8. Algorithm, BITM and the metal medley already makes it better than the previous Oakland show.
  9. Naaah man. Been here almost ten years and I love the community on this board.
  10. I saw on the Muse subreddit a while ago that Matt told a fan that they're planning to open with the alt version of Algorithm at Spoilering just in case to not ruin the surprise. And yes, I was lurking the Muse reddit whilst the board was down.
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