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Songs that sound like Muse songs

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I'm listening to ABBA's Super Trooper album right now, and I'm on the penultimate track, Lay Your All Love On Me. And I was shocked when the chorus came in because I knew I recognized that melody anywhere, it's the same melody Muse use on Unnatural Selection during the part "counter balance this commotion, we're not droplets in the ocean." How interesting! I would've thought if Matt got that particular melody from anywhere else it would've been from one of his favorite romantic era composers, but there it is in an ABBA song!


Here's the song for comparison:


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Matt has talked about his love for ABBA a couple of times, and mentioned it as an inspiration for one album, can't remember if it was The Resistance or Black Holes & Revelations. This comparison in particular was made very frequently back in 2009. So much that it's actually mentioned in the Musewiki.

https://musewiki.org/Unnatural_Selection_(song) I honestly recommend reading the page for every song for tidbits like this


edit: What I could find was that Dom mentioned ABBA as an influence for Absolution. https://musewiki.org/3VOOR12_2003-09-24_–_Interview_with_Dominic_Howard_of_Muse

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