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a spur of the moment thing


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This is just a couple of words into the void. I loved muse when i was a teen, i understood some english already, but mostly just loved the music. I forgot about the band for a long while, and during that time a lot of metamorphoses took place in my mind, soul and views on the world. Recently i stumbled upon the "resistance" album and now i'm binge listening to muse again, and now i understand so much more, it's such a revelation. All the obvious messages about "green belts wrapped around our minds", about flicking the switch and opening the third eye. I've been feeling kind of alone with my "conspiratorial" and weird views for some years, especially the last one. I cannot unsee what i see about this world now and i cannot unsee the messages that are very real in these songs, and i do want to see more. I feel like Muse are doing such an important thing and it's great that they're so popular.

Sometimes i just feel so sad about this world full of more and less visible parasites, and all the people here, and sometimes it feels like it's a big swamp i got stuck in, and it takes an effort to imagine change. But then i think of some bigger scale and i brace myself and i laugh at myself for being so whiny. Wish i would become stronger and could do more for the change in me and in this world.

I guess this gibberish is all i wanted to say

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Hi and welcome to the board 😊 

I‘m not into conspiracy theories myself but I think it is important to question everything and to not take it for granted just because some people decided it is like this, it has always been like this so it must be true. They‘re wrooooong .... 

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Sounds like you should read "1984" by  George Orwell if you haven't already. It was a primary inspiration for that album, so a lot of connections can be drawn to all the songs (with the exception of the Exogenesis symphony at the end, which is its own thing)

It's really neat to hear how personally Muse can speak to someone. They're my favourite band for lots of reasons ☺️

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