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A decent guitar USB interface

Paranoia Is In Bloom

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Hey, this is my first post! :D


I've been looking for something to record songs into and I was just gonna buy Cubase when i found out about reaper from this site :)

It looks great but I want to be able to record from my guitar into the computer.


I need a USB guitar interface right?

Is there any difference between a guitar interface and an audio interface?

Can anyone please recommend one for me as I've seen alot ranging from about £15 to £400?

Finally, if i bought one without any effects built-in could I still use my effect pedals before the USB connector/interface? (eg. Guitar-Boss Effect Pedal-USB Interface-Reaper v3.63)


As im a bit of a "noob" to this, any help would be appreciated! :D

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Ok thanks, I will probably end up getting something like that but I don't want to spend an extra £50 if a simple Jack-USB lead would do the job for £20 if you know what i mean?

If nobody else knows I might just buy a Jack-Usb lead try it, if it doesn't work, only £20 loss and ill buy a proper preamp like that :)

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