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Has anyone attended the show on the floor that can share what the entry will look like based on the 2 simulation tiered price vs general admission floor, what the time line look like on entry,is it roped off inside on the floor, Ive asked around and no one seems to know.  Thanks.

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No one knows for sure, the first show isn't until Friday.  Assuming it will be like past tours, there is no actual "roped off" areas on the floor.  The two VIP packages just let you inside early so you can get your spot.

As far as the timeline, the more expensive VIP package will actually let you in like an hour early (I think?) because you will go to a separate area first that has the games and stuff.  The other VIP ticket usually gets let in like 10 mins early.  Then the normal GA line will get to go in at whatever time the doors open.



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