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Rock Werchter Tickets


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Hello, everyone! I'm from Brazil and I'd like to know if there is still any chance I can find a ticket for Rock Werchter to see Muse when I get there in the city. They say at the festival's site that there is actually a place where I can try to buy tickets in the day of the concert, but I don't know exactly how it works. Me and my boyfriend were waiting for our travel agency to confirm our flight ticket to Brussels and, when they confirmed, the tickets for 1st july were already sold out. I signed for the waiting list, but I didn't get lucky on this one too. So, the fact is: we're going to Brussels without rock werchter tickets. If you know anyone who is selling tickets or know any information about tickets for sale at the day of their concert, please, let me know, ok?


If you think you can help me, please, send me an e-mail - lililessa@gmail.com - or let me know here at the forum. I'll be back here to check for answers, of course.



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