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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, thought that as there are so many different effects and stuff on here, that people could post some recommendations of their gear that they really love...I've been looking out for some new FX recently but I really can't decide what I want, and I'm sorted for the "core" stuff like distortion, so I'd rather buy a specific pedal which people say they couldn't play without. I'd recommend the EHX Deluxe Memory Man (1.5 year anniversary present from my wonderful gf! ) because it is teh god of analog delays...it realy does do everything you could want! This just inspires me to play and I can't write music fast enough for it...only ONE problem with it is that it's hard to try and not use it for every song we have My Peavey Classic 30 is a really solid workhorse amp and anyone looking for a valve combo in the £300-£400 range should definately play one of these...plus it matches my guitar colour So...like 2 or 3 bits of gear that you think EVERYONE should own! (although then people would loose their individual sound so whatever...)
  2. Hello to you all, I am wondering since a long time now why Muse aren't recording (or so it seems) any new acoustic versions of their songs... As far as I know, the most recent one was an acoustic version of "Time is running out" (or am I wrong??). I really miss their acoustic songs because I think that's where their musical abilities, that make them stand out in the world of rock music, can be heard in their purest way. And i prefer Matt's more precise and more careful singing in the acoustic versions, his voice is very clear and he sustains the notes longer and sings ALL the words COMPLETELY (by the way: don't you think it's a bit of a shame how he sings "Unintended" and "Hoodoo" on the Haarp-dvd? so unarticulated, it destroys the beauty of those whole (brilliant!) songs! Such a pity! The same goes for the latest versions of "Fury": Why on earth does he only sing "...to punish u- and make a fu-"?? I miss the former brilliance of "Fury" from the (best-of-all-dvds-)Absolution-dvd...). I would love it if they decided to record an acoustic album, for a change... Muse unplugged, wouldn't that be great? Well, I really love ALL their acoustic songs, but if I were to name my three favourites (difficult task, indeed!!), they would be: 1) Sing for absolution (Radio 2 performance, it's on the "Hurr&Butt"-single): MASTERPIECE!!! 2) Hate this and I'll love you (early B-side): BRILLIANT! I love the solo before the last corus! 3) Muscle Museum (another early B-side): BEAUTIFUL, such a young, clear voice, and so well played... Well now it's your turn: What are your favourite acoustic versions of Muse-songs? And what would you think about a "Muse-unplugged"-album? Thanks for answering! And happy new year! (-: P.S.: As I said, it's a difficult task, chosing only three songs... If I were to name two more, they would be "Cave" acoustic and, of course, "Bedroom acoustics"... Wonder if Matt is still able to play that song...
  3. Hello, everyone! I'm from Brazil and I'd like to know if there is still any chance I can find a ticket for Rock Werchter to see Muse when I get there in the city. They say at the festival's site that there is actually a place where I can try to buy tickets in the day of the concert, but I don't know exactly how it works. Me and my boyfriend were waiting for our travel agency to confirm our flight ticket to Brussels and, when they confirmed, the tickets for 1st july were already sold out. I signed for the waiting list, but I didn't get lucky on this one too. So, the fact is: we're going to Brussels without rock werchter tickets. If you know anyone who is selling tickets or know any information about tickets for sale at the day of their concert, please, let me know, ok? If you think you can help me, please, send me an e-mail - lililessa@gmail.com - or let me know here at the forum. I'll be back here to check for answers, of course. Thanks!
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