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Vote for MUSE for WFNX's (Boston, MA, USA) Top 101 WFNX Artists of All Time 11/05/10


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Hi all,


Our local alternative radio station, WFNX (101.7 out of Boston, MA, USA), is staging a top 101 WFNX Artists of All Time. WFNX is a great station; we're lucky to have them! As to this countdown, MUSE is on the list, but I think they should be higher on the list and *you* can make a difference by going to: http://wfnx.com/supplements/2010/topartists/stats/#TOPCONTENT, choosing "Live Stats", and finding Muse on the list. They have been in the top 25 - 30, with ~72% approval, but let's move them up; we can do it together! You may vote as many times as you like, just keep choosing Live Stats, finding Muse and voting for them!


Thanks all for your help!

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